Shadowrun Tracker: An initiative/ammo/damage Player Character tracking program

Apr 27, 2003… I believe that the program is at a useful stage.  Many features like Perception tests are not fully implemented.


NOTE: This program needs the NSRCG program to generate the SR3 files for import!

BUG:  Apparently the Tracker.INI file generates incorrectly,  Replace the contents with:


SR3Dir=c:\Program Files\NSRCG\sr3

DatDir=c:\Program Files\NSRCG\data

CloneInit= 1

DisableSRDR= 0


That should enable the program to work correctly.  Change directories BY HAND if necessary.



Note: Please notify me if the links are broken.

Complete Download version 1.06 Entire Package: (First Time Installers, Complete with DAT files).

The Fix report is here.




PURPOSE: Because sometimes you don’t fight just NPCs, sometimes it’s critters (Elementals/Spirits/Etc).  To be used with the SR Tracker program (no other purpose as it doesn’t print).



C:\Program Files\NSRCG\Data\Cpowers.DAT – Holds a listing of the various critter powers.  Simple text file, easily modifiable.

C:\Program Files\NSRCG\Data\Cweak.DAT – Holds a listing of the various critter weaknesses.  Simple text file, easily modifiable.

C:\Program Files\NSRCG\Tracker.INI – Holds variables describing locations of the DATA & SR3 directories.  Modified by the SR Tracker program.

C:\Program Files\NSRCG\SR3\Nature Spirit – City Force 4.SR3  – An example of a city spirit force 4.  Other examples are also included.



PURPOSE: The program tracks PC/NPC’s Initiative/Bullets/Stats/Damage Levels while immediately reflecting changes to Target Numbers/Initiative from damage.  At this stage it could be considered pre-beta level.  That is, useful but not completely debugged.

Added: Notes and Pool Tracking

Added Dice Roller



C:\Program Files\NSRCG\Tracker.INI – Holds variables describing locations of the DATA & SR3 directories.  Modified by the SR Tracker program.

C:\Program Files\NSRCG\Tracker.Txt – Hold description of what the program can and cannot handle.

C:\Program Files\NSRCG\Data\INFO.DAT  – Listings of GM information that is pulled up by the ? buttons.  GMs should put their preferences into this file as a quick reference.  An example is the “Gyro Stabilizer” in the listing. Make a specific as possible.  You don’t want a match on the word “The”.



A grid displays character’s name and rolled result (no damage modifiers) for initiative.  You can change a rolled result by hand by clicking and changing that character.


NEW:  To clear all players and start with a fresh sheet

OPEN: To import SR3 files a PCs into the program

REROLL: To roll initiative dice for ALL PC/NPCs.

RESET: This resets the sheet.  Does NOT reroll.  If you change a character’s initiative by hand, you will need to hit this button.

PREV: This will move the indicator back one step.  Useful if you lose track of the history.

NEXT: This will move the indicator to the next character’s turn.


CLEAR EVENTS: In the event all combat is done, this will clear pending events from the queue… ie. Unexploded grenades/rockets, etc.


TOGGLE DELAY:  If you want a character to Delay, click on this button. The background color of that character will become yellow indicating s/he is delayed.  If you click on that character again, then hit the delay toggle again. S/he will underlay.  You make take their turn at this time.


TOGGLE INACTIVE:  If you toggle a character inactive, that character will NOT be placed in the turn queue.  Instead, s/he will be marked in red (Inactive)…. Toggle again, to make active.

THROW GRENADE: If a character throws a grenade, this will place a message in the queue for later display.

USE ROCKET: If a character throws a grenade, this will place a message in the queue for later display at the end of the turn.


MULTIPLY: If you want multiple copies of a character ie. I have 5 gangers that are effectively the same, I may want to copy them for damage/tracking purposes.

DELETE: To remove dead/unwanted characters from the queue.  NOTE: Be sure NOT to delete your players!


Alt –View->GM Screens:  This screen holds information for you GM.  Mainly for reloads and ammunition tracking purposes.


There are 3 main areas in the program.  On the left side, is a grid holding the names of the PCs and their rolled numbers (no damage modifications).  On the right side are two tab sheets.  The top one (MAIN) is the sheet that holds damage, tracks ammo, sets up initiative, etc.  The Bottom sheet (INFO) is mainly an information area.  You cannot change anything on INFO section.  You can click on Carried items; click on a skill to have it displayed in the MAIN but, in general, cannot affect anything on this part of the sheet.  The program ONLY handles 25 unique individuals but allows 50 entries (duplicate copies).



6 characters in all:

Mike, Dave, Sharon, and 3 Goons.

1)      Load the 3 players and the Goon SR3 files.

2)      Multiply the Goon by 2. Now you have 3 Goons: Goon, Goon::2, & Goon::3

3)      Click the Reroll button.  You may then set by hand any initiative you want, if so, click on the Reset button.

4)      The order is now Mike, Goon#1, Dave, Goon#2, Sharon, and Goon#3.

5)      Click on the Next button.

6)      Mike is highlighted green (his turn). He decides to delay to see what happens. Click on the Delay toggle.

7)      Click on next… Goon#1 ‘s turn… He runs across Mike’s field of fire….

8)      Mike decides to un-delay… Click on Mike, then click on the Delay toggle to un-delay… it is now Mike’s turn.  Do his actions.

9)      Mike shoots and gives Goon#1 a light wound -> First take care of the ammo tracking-> click on the correct mode of fire (Burst in this case) and 3 rounds are marked off.

10)  Now to track the damage to Goon#1 -> Click on him, then change his damage level to Light.  He should now have –1/Reaction +1 TNs.

11)  Click on Next, It should be Goon#1 (unless his damage moves him below someone else’s initiative).  Okay, it’s Goon#1 (Remember, Mike’s delay means he went first and Goon#1 never got his turn..)  Goon#1 now takes his actions.

12)  Click on Next -> Dave should be highlighted green now.

13)  And so on.



In the event someone Delays into the next combat turn, s/he will have a message warning them that they might lose their turn.  They have the option of taking two turns back-to-back.



Dice Roller inclusion:  You can turn off in Options. Note: the GM does all of the actions.  This is not a multiplayer version.  This is a tool for the GM.



1)      Mike decides to shoot Goon1. On his turn he clicks on 3 for burst fire.  The Dice Roller pops up and he selects the correct parameters, then clicks on Roll to determine number of successes.  Done, he clicks on Hide.

2)      Goon1 has to dodge/Body test.  Clicking on Goon1.  He then clicks on the Bod button to pull up the Dice Roller for his part.  It should be ready for a Dodge test.  Selecting the number of Combat Pool Dice, he Rolls. … Insufficient to prevent the damage, he then does a Body test by clicking the SET button for BODY, it presets the roller… then making the appropriate changes… he rolls again… Not enough to stage the remaining hits down… he clicks on Hide.  Then on his form, he clicks on the Damage level he got..

3)      To handle Melee, just click on the label (primary or secondary) and the roller should pop up.

4)      To handle Skills, goto the Skills tab, then double-click on the skill to pull up the roller.


There is a bug.  The Combat Pool does not update correctly.  A workaround is to simply click on the character to get the current values.




In the event the program crashes, make a note of what you were doing at the time and notify me.  Thanks.


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