NSRCG v3.69b: Interim Shadowrun 3 Character Generator by McMackie (abandonware)

March 19, 2006    -> Version 3.69 Available

Anybody want to help to convert the DAT files to other languages? German is now done.

Problems installing in XP: see below “XP Problem” 

Okay, this should be version 3.69.  Added back support for default max points.  Bug w/MNE flag fixed.  Bug with Shapeshifters now fixed. Minor bug with Attribute screen cleared up. Adds support for High/Low level campaigns from Mister Johnson’s Little Black Book. 

Minor fixes. Should address the “Permission” problem and other issues (see the forums). Thanks Thistledown/Jetmaster for the 2064 additions. Thanks ArchGabriel for the Adept info from SOTA2064. New version fixes  “Finalize” on existing characters (no more hitting that button) and adds support for improved credsticks.  You’ll have to manually determine which of your credsticks is paying for your purchases.   Thanks to Mike Green and Karl Kendricks for the new XSL versions to use this feature! Thanks Karl (Bug Fixes), Michel Kumzak (XSL improvements), Pautur (German Init.rtf), and Zsolt (Rigger DAT improvements) …………and   and MORE support for SSG lifestyle calcs. Thanks to Michael Rowlett & Michal Kumžk for XSL sheets!  Y’all can learn something from these excellent examples of XSL.  Dice roller now supports d8 and optional success rules.  Bug: support for Magic Loss fixed.  Major Bug: attributes improvement karma costs fixed. Added GMViewDAT, a tool for GMs to display Gear, Adept powers, etc info… Command line support (You can now associate SR3 files with the program). Include of some of Raygun’s gear. Bug in printing HTML files, now fixed. Credits are listed below…. Sorry if I’ve forgotten anybody.

Welcome to my web page!  I’m not a web designer, simply a programmer so don’t expect any fancy graphics here.  This is the location for my Beta version ShadowRun Character Generator NSRCG.  The software is only until Paolo gets his REAL program developed. All software was extensively modified from his prior efforts (all errors mine).

HELP: I need.... people to verify the data and the program are working correctly.  Are the cyber prices and essence costs correct? Have you noticed something not right.... or just think you have?  You know what I mean.

BUG REPORTS: Be sure to include version number and what you were doing when it acted flaky/crashed/etc. Also, please cite sourcebook and page.  Many are turning in bug reports based off of SR2 rules.

Additional note:  I’m following the 3rd Edition rules exclusively.  There is no point in asking to make a change that deviates from the 3rd Edition orthodoxy.  On the other hand, if it’s an item. You can add it yourself very easily using the DATeditor.

Source code update:

To be honest, most of the decision (to not distribute) comes from having the source available for over a year with little or no real input. There were decent suggestions (make Cyber/Bioware like Gear with a tree organization) but really no real progress.
This combined with the "I can write a better program than that!" or "A good programmer would have an option to include my house rule." This resulted in a feeing of ... meh.
However, since I don't seem to have all of the time I need to devote to this project (Real life job, etc), I'm going to change my policy.
I want to make sure the community benefits so:
1) I would like to preserve the DAT file structure if possible. I don't want two or more different formats to update, maintain, and other fragmentary effects. If a decisionto change were made, any modification (including XML) would have to be able to run in NSRCG. I understand that NSRCG would have to be modified (I might need some help with that as I'm not an XML expert, just a dabbler). I would also like to preserve the names of the people who contributed. I didn't type all of this stuff in and it's only fair.
2) I would like a letter from the programmer that wants the source code have a real email address (not Hotmail, etc). It should outline a freeware agreement. Most of you go to school or have an ISP address so it shouldn't be a problem. This is to protect everybody. There were commercial versions for sale once upon a time and I want to prevent that. Imagine if somebody changes 3 lines of code and then tries to sell it, nope.
I want an agreement to stay SR3 compliant. That is, I don't mind you writing a version for your house rules and personal use, just don't distribute the house version. If everybody did it and distributed their version, imagine the chaos. Of course, any improvements should come back to me for inclusion in the next version.
I imagine I'll think of other ideas/restrictions later but I believe this is fair so far.


A new GM Tool, SR Tracker.  Designed to use the SR3 files from NSRCG.  It will track initiative/ammo/damage etc. 

The goal: to reduce the GM’s paperwork!

The code is in BETA:  That means it is NOT done, but is in the testing stages!

Or click on the link here.


Michael Lpkes

German Skills file

Josef Wegner

Targets: Wasteland info

Jon Yarwood

SOTA updates, Surge info


Comments in Cyberware/Bioware


XML suggestions, formats

K. Oz

Notes in Edges.DAT,Cyberware, GERMAN DAT FILES!

Kevin Rose

Notes in Adepts.Dat

Thierry N

Verification in Bioware/Cyberware


Matrix entries

Keith Rudolph

Totems entries

Walter Scheper

Rigger 3 entries


SR Supplemental


Otaku Channel Skills

Karl Kendricks

Major changes to Skill.dat & Gear.dat & Deck and many places & Vehicles.dat (Rigger3)!

Michal Kumžk

Current SR3-Character.XSL sheet!

Michael Rowlett

SR3-CharacterMR.XSL sheet!

Larry White

Skills, Gear, Vehicles, MageGear, and many suggested improved changes! Added updated Archetypes. 


Lots and lots and changes/improvements in Gear and others.


Updated Adept abilities from SOTA2064.  NEW


Updated gear, vehicles, & more SOTA2064 .  NEW

Thistledown, Jetmaster, Raygun

Added Raygun’s fine additions NEW

XP Problem:  XP says there are files that need to be updated… You do that which then causes a Reboot… Then it says it needs files updated (and so on)…

XP Solution: This is a permission problem specific with XP… You don’t have the correct permissions to install.  Here’s what you do:

Re-start your computer and while it is rebooting be pushing the F8 key to get to the set-up screen. Boot in safe mode and choose administrator.
Install it while logged as the administrator and then re-boot to normal. It should be all ready to go for you.

I now accept PayPal donations.  Since this effort would have been impossible without the help and assistance of many, many people, I have no desire to get rich now.  I’ve been doing this for over two years and never accepted any income from the project and I’m not starting now.  I’m hoping to break even on the books I’ve purchased.  I’ve given up on improving the components (nobody helped), now I’m just hoping somebody will buy me a drink.  My email is: mcmackie@hotmail.com  .  I thank you for any and all assistance! 




Final Notes: The program is NOT a replacement for the sourcebooks.  To fully understand how to build and what you are building, you need the sourcebooks.  Why would you take an item without understanding how it works? 

Edges & Flaws are to more fully “round out” a character.  Edges & Flaws are not free points. GMs should aggressive enforce the restrictions of the flaws just as aggressively as the players utilize the edges.

Note: Please notify me if the links are broken.

Complete Download 4.6 Mb version 3.69 Entire Package: (First Time Installers, Complete with DAT files). Remove your old version first!

  Complete Download 1 Mb no OCX version 3.69. This version has no installer and NO OCXs to install.  This means if you have VB6 runtime installed, you can just unzip and run.  

 GM View DAT program: An intuitive program for GMs.  This program lists information located in the DAT files used by NSRCG.  Want to know the cost of Hatamoto II or it’s damage code?  What is the adept power point cost for Distance Strike?  How much for the H-D Electroglide?  Now you can know quickly. Come with the Complete Download (see above).

DATFILES: The data files in the DAT directory are here.

Online Manual: This is an initial cut.  Suggestions and improvements taken and needed.

German DAT files.  Just replace your existing DAT files with this these files.  Thanks to Benjamin (K. Oz)!

Prior version: ISR3CG.  I've decided to eliminate support as all my efforts are dedicated to NSRCG.

I written a simple dice roller program that I thought would be useful.  It is included in the Complete download as well.  Let me know what you think and if you have any improvements. New: D8 support! Sort on output, copy button added. Optional success rules included.

SHADOWRUN 3: The Lost Tables.  I’ve included them as an e-Help for GMs and players.  If you have a laptop, this could cut down on the wear & tear of your books.  People, who want to improve the concept, contact me.





Larry White



Steve Sutton

Generic NPCs



Dragon Hunt NPCs

Dragon Hunt.zip


Neo-Anarchists Guide to Everything Else Archetypes



TSS article (issue 14) "Seven Samurai"


Templates: Somebody asked if I could randomly generate characters. I said that it could not easily be done but that it was a great idea. Why can't we have templates (archetypes) in *.SR3 format so that we don't have to recreate a go-ganger everytime we need one? 

If you have templates of generic characters/types, please send to me and I'll post to share with everyone!

BeCKS:  See the Shadowrun Supplemental for a better description.

GEAR, CYBER, OR BIO won't load/work: See Online manual: Bugs

Email: mcmackie@hotmail.com or mmcgurk1(at)elp.rr.com"

"Beware my wrath… for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup." … Unknown dragon